About Us

Who We Are

Purveyors of Fine Racing Experiences

In early 2017, the idea of Red Rocket Racing was born. Brought together by our children who attended the same pre-school, we (Ryan, Julie and Dave) recognized each other's dedication to running early on and began casually chatting about our shared racing exploits. As time went on, we decided to sign up and train together for a marathon in San Diego. During the course of our training, it became obvious that we shared a common sense of passion and enthusiasm for both training and racing. We spoke often about our desire to become more involved in the running community and to be able to give back to the sport that has given us so much. From these conversations, the dream of Red Rocket Racing emerged.


Our goal is to produce races that appeal to the serious-minded runner. The races that we organize are the type of races that we want to race. We scout out beautiful courses in spectacular locations and cater the experience to foster a sense of competition, accomplishment, and fun. We strive to produce uniquely racer-centric, high quality events. We fancy ourselves to be the artisan craft-brewers of the racing industry. We are the purveyors of fine racing experiences.


Our Team

Dave Moretz
Dave began his racing career in the water. As a backstroker, he swam his way through school and graduated college with several school records and accolades. After graduation, he was filled with a desire to look at something besides the bottom of a pool, so he bought a bike and a pair of running shoes and began racing triathlons. Throughout his 20 plus years of racing, Dave has competed in pretty much everything from 5ks to 50ks and local dip and dashes to Ironmans. In 2002, Dave embarked on his greatest adventure and completed an unsupported, solo bike ride across the United States. Recently, he has been focused on Aquathlons and has twice been ranked by USA triathlon as the nation’s number 1 aquathlete for his age group. In 2016, Dave won his age group at the National Championships in Santa Cruz.


Julie Pellegrini
Julie first discovered running was actually fun, and not just a punishment on her soccer team, near the end of her high school years. She continued running casually through college and had her first real racing experience when she completed the Honolulu marathon in 2003. While it wasn't necessarily the most enjoyable experience (it turns out you have to train for a marathon), it kicked off her love of training and racing that has continued to grow ever since. Julie loves a challenge, be it a course, distance, or time, and is always amazed by how much our bodies and minds can accomplish with commitment and hard work. She has run several half marathons and a handful of shorter races, but marathons are what really keep her going. Julie has hopes of doing her first ultra soon (let's face it - she's not getting any younger), but her friends convinced her to start a cool racing company and so her free time has been reduced to nothing.


Ryan McDermott
Ryan loves to brag that he lost every race when he started swim team when he was four and swimming in the eight and under category…but by the time he was eight, he went undefeated. It was this (apocryphal?) undefeated season that sparked Ryan’s desire to race. His 1984 come from behind victory in a 400m individually medley taught him it was more fun to have to be dragged out of the pool in exhaustion as a winner than to get out on his own in second place. Since then, Ryan transitioned to running, where he ran three injury prone years of DIII X-country and track, then multiple years of cycling road racing. In 2001 he was the Virginia State Road Racing Champion after launching an illogical attack fifteen miles from the finish and five miles before the final climb. To this day, Ryan tries to race twice a month. He races under a handful of cryptic noms de guerre, and most recently he delights in the fact that his son’s racing name is Cheez It.